Need advice on buying an old rv

[Hadar] I&#039m planning on doing a coast to coast tour in the USA,
should I even consider buying an rv vehicle(class b-c) made between 1978-1982?
of course it usually depends on the each vehicle..
but still...
Need advice on buying an old rv

[Ernie Ekberg] There are lots of rv&#039s out there. Personally, we habe a Class A. I would not trade ours for all the motels in the country. Also, you can take your bed and bath with you into the country where there are no motels. Good luck
Need advice on buying an old rv

[bigdumbsquirrel] Don&#039t even try to justify the cost. It is not a cheaper way, but it is a thousand times better way to travel. We are on our second class A and love it. You also might consider that if you use this forum to pose your question the response is going to be positive.
Need advice on buying an old rv

[mark c] Like anything it depends on how it was taken care of!!
If i were you i would buy the class c not the class b
You get alot more room out of the class c
Always have the rv checked out as age does work against older rvs
Also some parks dont let in rvs older then 10 years old so that may make some difference to you
Really look around you may find one newer for about the same price
as always whatever you do enjoy it life is way short!!!!!!!!