need new booth seats

We've only had our 2015 Canyon Cat 17 qbc for a couple of months. We are host at a State Park 20 miles from home so we've used it full time since we've had it. The booth seats are so uncomfortable we can't sit for longer than 10 min. at a time. We've tried paddings and pillows but nothing is working. Feels like sitting on the frame. Is there any place online we can get new seats that are comforable? What should we look for to get the best comfort. Thanks for your time and have a nice day.

Clay L

Senior Member
We took the fabric off and used it as a pattern to cut the Ultra Leather Plus that we used to recover our dinette seats and backs.
We bought some high quality high density foam and replaced the old stuff. Worked great and the seats were much more comfortable.
We had used the dinette every day for about 8 years and while the factory foam was a pretty decent quality it probably wasn't intended for full time use. Actually the fabric was still in good shape but we wanted to convert from fabric. We recovered all of the furniture including the captains chairs with Ultra Leather.