Need some HELLLLLLLP full timing

Precious and I are selling our place in TN hopefulllythis summer :bleh: And are going to go further South so she can be closer to her kids.

What we would like to do is to buy a diesel Dually ( pre 99) and and older 5 th wheel take to the road for 3 to 9 months.

Now I know there is expertise to answer both of the following questions. :question: What dually would you buy Ford crew cab w/7.3 diesel, Dodge Crew cab with Cummings or chevy.

:question: In a 29 foot plus 5 th wheel, forward queen bed and rear slide for couch and dinette and hopefully a tub what are y'all recommendationd as to road worthyness and creature comforts.

It will have to have the awnings over the slide and a big one outside the door when the bride pushes me out of her terriority. :clown:


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Re: Need some HELLLLLLLP full timing

I would tend to avoid Ford, as I have had bad luck with Fords, they have had problems with one of their diesel engines (I think it was the smaller one), and it seems that lately they have been inadequate in living up to their warranty requirements. Plus their insistance on forcing a redesign of our society :) I've had good luck with Chevy/GMC, with gas engines anyway; don't know about their diesels. And DL would undoubtably endorse the Dodge.

I don't know that I've seen a tub in a trailer (except that one that had a hot tub :) ), but then I haven't seen many of the bigger trailers.
Re: Need some HELLLLLLLP full timing

"Pre '99 Diesel" Well, I had two 2000 Fords and they were junk, (also the 2001 that followed.)

The 1997 Dodge I had was a great truck. The dealer never saw it back for anything. Newer models have much more power though.

GM, even though I believe that now they have the best on the road, in pre Duramax their Diesel was not the best. It actually was a good engine, just no power, and the fuel pump was the the root of most problems with the 6.5. If I remember right, Duramax/Allison came in 2000.

My deduction would be that Dodge had the best truck, pre 1999.
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Well seems like the general concensus is sort of what I expected in the hauler being either a Ford 7.3 or a Dodge w/ a Cummins

Now all I have to do is get some info on a liveable 5 th wheel :laugh:
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Went to Lowes and wound up going next door and buying a 2005 Keystone Cougar bunk house :laugh: Dang it now I need a truch to pull it with :8ball:
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Dang it, wish people would shop the garden center across the road from us.....Actually, we have been VERY busy lately. Sold 5 this week.....

Poppa, a good customer of mine traded in a 2001 or 2002 Chev. 3500 4x4 Crew Cab Dually today, with an 8100 engine, with only 26,000 miles. Mileage aint the best, but it is a rock solid truck. If interested, I can give you the number to the dealership.