Need Some Reassurance Please

Hi Y'all...I guess this is like closing the barn door after the horse is out as we have already bought our TT but I would like some input. Our TT is a 20' Gulfstream mini SL,2007 model..We actually bought because of the Gulfstream name and the TT was the perfect size for the two of us..We really didn't know what questions to ask as this is our 1st TT...after reading all the forums I can see some folks have had a lot of problems with some brands !..We haven't used our TT yet so I guess time will tell if we made a good choice...Anyone out there have any comments about Gulfstream ?..I understand the company builds the Mini SL in a different factory,don't know why, and am not sure how new this model is so hope they have worked out any problems !...Thanks

C Nash

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Re: Need Some Reassurance Please

Congratulation on the new rv. Most all brands will have some kind of problems KY KAMPERS. Watch for leaks and any sign of water entering the rv. Does not take long to do damage. Ck the roof often. Ck all water lines for loose connections. Enjoy and have fun.
Re: Need Some Reassurance Please

Hello again,
Gulf Stream is a huge company, there is no way they can build everything in one place. The Mini SL is built in Etna Green IN., about 19 miles from the main office. They also build the Gulf Breeze, Stream Lite and Emerald Bay in Etna Green.

You have a great trailer. I hope and expect that you will enjoy it more and more as you get a chance to use it. You have to realize that nothing is perfect, and campers in general, are one of the last things made in the US by hand, and humans. Some are worse than others, but Gulf Stream honestly tries to make the best trailer the budget allows.

The trailers made in Etna Green have a great group of people behind them and if you do have problems, the service department will be on top of it as fast as possible.

Good luck and enjoy.
Re: Need Some Reassurance Please

There are a thousand things that can go wrong with a Gulfsteam. Or an Airstream, or a Fleetwood or any other TT on the market. But chances are that you will only have 2 or 3 issues with your particular unit. Gulfsteams are very good units. Just read all the info you can find, put together a small tool kit complete with duct tape and be sure the system is winterized.
You can use things from home if not already in the trailer. You will need a jack that will get under the trailer, a lug wrench and tire pressure guage for sure. Check those lug nuts and tp before each trip, and don't forget the spare. A ceramic heater will keep the chill off the unit and save your propane when camping in cold weather. An electric blanket helps too, so don't wait 'till summer to use that new TT. There are lots of days when the temps are not too low in KY for you to get out.
Best thing to do is a "first campout" in your driveway over a weekend. I'm sure that trailer is a good investment.
PS. Be sure to chock the wheels BEFORE you unhitch. Every time. And don't ask me how I know this.
Any other concerns, just message me directly.
And Happy Camping...


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Re: Need Some Reassurance Please

Yes, your first camping 'trip' should be in your driveway (if you can hook up water and electric). If not, or on your second 'trip', go to a close by RV park so you can hook up water, electric and sewer at a minimum. Being close to home is good, so you can go get the stuff you will almost certainly forget :)

Once you know everything works, and you have (most) every thing you need, then you can go wherever you feel the pull.

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Re: Need Some Reassurance Please

This is all good advice. The only thing I would add is check, check and check again the tire pressure every time you prepare to move the TT from site to site. My best advice if you can't weigh the trailer and know exactly how much air to put in each tire is to inflate to the maximum pressure indicated on the sidewall. It's better to be a little on the high side than to have underinflated tires. Good luck. :)
Re: Need Some Reassurance Please

Thanks to all for your input !..I guess we newbies need some " babying " at first , especially from folks who know their way around an RV !! Catch you all later and have a great night...


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Re: Need Some Reassurance Please

Let me give you a little advice from one who has owned some type of RV since 1972 and who has lived all of the time in one for 6 1/2 years. This is not the time to be asking what brand is a good one. If you are happy with what you have, let it go and just enjoy things. It is far too late to change your mind so it is very foolish to start looking for bad opinions now. Don't even listen the the stories from those who do not like your choice. As long as things go well, why do you even care what we think? Next time, ask those questions before you buy, but now that you own one the best way to stay happy with it is to keep a positive attitude and ignore those who do not agree.


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Re: Need Some Reassurance Please

I agree with Kirk. Enjoy what ya got and don't worry about what others may or may not have to say. I am big at making LISTs. Keep them for doing stuff around the house, the RV, the vehicles, etc. Keep a master list for what we use in the RV and a "check list" for making sure I don't forget to do something like put the TV antenna down when we drive off. Mostly it is an age thing but it keeps me out of trouble (most of the time).........enjoy today.......don't know what is behind the next door.... ;)
RE: Need Some Reassurance Please

If you want reassurance then I will say that we love our Gulfstream 5th wheel. We had a small leak in the front corner seam but we also had some heavy heavy rain at the time. Like they said any brand, any unit, any model can have problems just like the tow vehicles. (just ask a Chevy fan, or a Dodge fan, or a Ford fan) We bought our 5th wheel at the same time as friends bought theirs. They paid quite a bit more than we paid for ours, thinking they were getting a "better" unit because it cost more. They have had theirs in the dealers 3 times already.Any brand can have a lemon now and then......Enjoy your camping. can't wait until spring so we can get the camper back out!