Need to move - dicey situation

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Hey Grandview!! Yes, contact me via this site and we can get together!!

I am very excited about my new adventure!!!

I am even more grateful for all of my RV-friends support!!!

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Hi, I am brand new to this site and I was reading about your issue. It sounds like you are related to someone in the military. If so, I might have some ideas that can help you. Good luck with your move
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Hello Aliviah -- welcome to the Forums!!! My husband is former AF, and is currently working in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi, UAE). I welcome any infor and/or advice you are willing to provide! Thank you!!!


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Think it would be fun to send Guedo to see know him as that big guy, no neck, long hairy arms...send him for a visit. People like that just erk me. Be nice to bring back that sitcom Then Came Bronson...I think was the name, a motorcycle rider a loner really, but he always showed up at the right time and place. Maybey by now Bronson is a RVer....darn my mind wanders this time of night
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It sounds like you'll be in a better situation. If it were me, I'd have contacted a local television station and described your situation....especially the part about cramming trailers into every bit of space and not paying the electrical bill....also about the short-notice eviction as a result of trying to pay your own electrical bill. Many TV stations have a consumer investigator on staff because stories like that make for entertaining watching. I'm sure it wouldn't have endeared you any more with Mr. Manager or any of his shadowy cohorts, but it would have been fun to see them squirm in front of the cameras!
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Hi All

If you were on a month to month rental he has to give you 30days to leave or you could sue the pants off him. I would call the health dept , tv , paper and let them know what is going on there. I would make sure all rvers know about this place , they sound like there slum loards and could caree less about the place. Maybe they are losing the place and milking it for all they can till they lose it. Have seen it happen to rental property before. Best thing to do is get out to a better place and take a rest from all the BS the manager has put you though.

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Hello All!
I want to first THANK EVERYONE for your undying support and words of kindness. My situation in Frederick, MD was terrible.


What I have learned about this place is that is it owned by a foreigner who bought the land about 6 years ago to build a retail shopping center in this area. Just about the time he wanted to start tearing up and building, the Frederick County, MD passed a building moratorium. As a result, he is 'stuck' with the RV rental sites.
The Manager: Dennis Kline, seems to be a 'friend of the family'. It seems Dennis can do no wrong. The fact that he neglected to pay the park's electric bill, therefore causing all of us to lose our electricity over the 4th of July weekend, means nothing to the owners! Not to mention the fact that he allowed drug dealers and drunks to live there, too.
I called and wrote a letter to the owners, both during the time I was there, and also after I left. Never got a response.
Clearly, they just don't give a damn!
I will try to contact the local news people and see if we can bring this blight to light. I'll let you know how that goes!

In the meantime, I am safely and happily ensconced at Shenadoah Hills KOA in Madison, VA. Sandi and Bob are great people and this place is just lovely.
It means so much to have REAL PEOPLE here to oversee the maintenance and management of this Campground. I feel safe and secure here, not afraid like I was in Frederick,MD.
I am farther away from the family, but only 90 mins from Bethesda....not so bad.
Dear Husband is still in Abu Dhabi, but we do see some light at the end of the tunnel. He will be home -- for good -- either by end of 2009 or NO LATER than June 1, 2010.
Again, many thanks for your constant support! It means everything to have my RV Sisters and Brothers looking out for me!! :)
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Glad to hear you are in Madison. Tell Bob and Sandi HELLO for me. They are good people. Next time we are in town we will look you up. Linda says maybe this weekend, but I dunno. Her Mother lives one mile from the campground.


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Lynn as Ken we are glad that you have a safe place to stay. I am also glad that your hubby will be home for good in a very short time. We wish both of you the best. :laugh:
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Good deal Lynn! Contacting the news about those scum is a great idea. The owners won't be able to ignore that because it will cut into their pocketbook once the truth comes out

Glad you are now in a safe place!