New 1st Time RV Owner

Hello out there, I am a rookie and was wondering if this would be a good site for me to ask the "dumb" questions when i cant figure something out?

New 1st Time RV Owner

you found it -thats what i use this site for and have received some good insight based on experiences of those on this site :laugh:
New 1st Time RV Owner

Feel free to ask all the dumb questions your little heart desires....

It's the smart questions (you know those that I don't already know the answer to) that drive me nuts. LOL

Then I have to wait for someone else to explain it so that next time someone asks I can take credit for another answer.

Afterall, if it wasn't for flashbacks I probably wouldn't have any memory.

BTW - WELCOME to the forum....


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New 1st Time RV Owner

This is the best site I have found for asking and receiving answers/help/guidance. I've saved a pile of $$$$ by following the guidance I have received on this forum. 99.9% of the folks that will answer your questions know what they are talking about and the other .1% have the same questions.
Good luck and by the way.....WELCOME TO THE FORUM... :laugh: :) :cool: