New 5th Wheel Owner Questions

Moving up from a 29' TT to a Montana 5th Wheel.....
- Do you recommend purchasing the tripod stabilizer to place under the hitch when camped?
- How hard is it to put a cover over the whole 5th wheeler for storage? (Or is it even recommended or not recommended?)

We pick it up on the 8th so I am sure I will have more questions once we get to really "explore" the whole rig. Maiden voyage will be in the driveway to learn/become familiar with the entire package before venturing out.

Thanks and BTW, a great forum for all RV'ers!


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Re: New 5th Wheel Owner Questions

My only suggestion is to read, then reread the owner's manual and the manuals for all the appliances that came with it.
Sometimes, there is just a little thing that ends up being very important. I can see you have camped before, so the basics should be ok.


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Re: New 5th Wheel Owner Questions

I never found the need for a tripod stabilizer, but your trailer may be different. I'd say try it without and see how you like it, then get one if it is not stable enough.

Trailers are tall, with lumpy things on the roof. So I imagine it would not be trivial to put a cover on. The instructions may give hints on how to ease installation; perhaps there are 'tricks' which make it relatively easy.

However, several people have found that the covers 'wear' on the trailer as the wind blows, so it may not be your best choice. Probably the best 'cover' is one which does not touch the trailer anywhere. Those aluminum 'carports' are probably the best choice or if the price is too much for that, perhaps a fabric 'tent' with metal frame. The latter can work well, but you'll need to replace the fabric every so often.

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Re: New 5th Wheel Owner Questions

I didn't like the tri-pod on my 5th wheel. I tried one for about 3 nights free. Didn't seem to do anything. Would just be something else to haul around.

The covers wear out the RV where they rub on it. The RV is designed to stay out in the weather. It would be like putting a cover over your house when not using it. Indoor storage would be nice, but expensive. :cool:
Re: New 5th Wheel Owner Questions

Thanks guys for the advice on both the tripod and cover. Always nice to save some $$! I will do with out both.