New Allisons in Fords

I understand that when new fluid is exchanged into a one of the newer Ford Allison transmissions it must be heated in order to flow? What is the deal? How does it flow on a freezing morning? Does not make sense to me.


Gary B

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New Allisons in Fords

Hi Dantran, I think someone is pulling your leg big time!!! :eek: As posted Ford does not use the Allison transmission.
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New Allisons in Fords

The new Ford motorhome chassis does have a new, five speed transmission, but it is a Ford transmission.
New Allisons in Fords

I have worked on trucks and cars for forty years and I have never heard of such a thing. You do have a choice between Dexron 3 or synthetic but you don't have to heat them. Syn. will take the heat ( heat from running) better then dexron and is probably a good idea. The change intervals will also entend with syn. It does cost a bit more so you have to decide if it is worth it. Good luck!