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Hi my wife and I are still looking to purchase a travel trailer. We have been looking at the Xtra lite-weight trailers by Trail-Cruiser.

Would like input about the rubber roof these products have

Input about durablity


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Hi Tanzer16us, can't say anything about the Trail-cruiser, haven't even seen one, but as far as rubber roofs go in MHO its the only way to go have had RV's with rubber roofs since 1992 and never a problem, first 2 5th wheels I had never did a thing to the roofs no wash no treatments nothing there both still going no problems, my current MH is 94 and have washed and treated it with Aerospace 303 protectant, the roof looks new. Good luck in your search GB


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My wife & I just purchased a Trail Cruiser 3 weeks ago. We've already had it out twice and we love it! Too soon to tell anything about the roof, but I've never heard anything bad about rubber roofs. Have fun with your shopping, IMHO I think you will be very satisfied with the Cruiser.