New Feature - What's New?

Cindy Hendricks

Staff member
In the red bar at the top you'll see a link for "What's New?", which I've found extremely helpful and I know you will too. When you click on it, by default, it will display the new posts that have been made.

To edit these settings, click on the Advanced Search link on the right side in the blue bar and decide if you want the What's New page to show you a single content type (just the forums, just the posts, etc.) or multiple content types (this is the one I've found most helpful). Click on the applicable type, choose the type(s) you want, enter in keywords, user name or tag if you want to, select the find posts and sort options that suit your needs. You'll see a "Save Search Preferences" box at the bottom left with a Go button next to it, click that Go button to save your search preferences.

Now click on What's New? in the header and you'll see items applicable to your search preferences. Love it!!

Cindy :)