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[Webmaster] Hello RVUSAers!
We have posted a new version of the forum. The main difference in this new forum is when a thread is clicked, that thread along with all its posts will be displayed alone in the browser window. Hopefully this will make threads easier to follow as well as speed up the display time of the forum. Let us know what you think!

- Webmaster, RVUSA
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[Ron] New forum is a little faster but still a long way from being acceptable. I use Netscape 4.7 and experience slow speed problems with this bulletin board only. Switched over to Explorer and did not see any difference with speed of display. Do not experience this slowness with other RV Bulletin Boards! Keep working on it - it is a very useful information source when operating at reasonable speed.
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[Mike Dial] It is working fine, but in my case it has been working fine since you started the new format, maybe some people should upgrade their obsolete relics. The dinosaur age is long gone
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[W.D.] I see great improvement already. We must be getting somewhere with this board. The speed has improved greatly and I never did have any other problem in working this board. The people will return once they adjust to this setup and see that improvements have occured.