new guy seekin help


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though not entirely sure if this gets posted here
or in the "B" area,
i'll figure more knowledgeable individuals will steer me correctly 👍
considering, again, life on the road ...not to be confused w/ Willie
on the rd again
tho, it may come into view as well, as i consider all options 🤨😉
just moi, so i see "saving space" as potentially, more efficient

3 units keep poppin up as i look around

all are available with an "island bed" which from viewing online i find appealing
do Not have slides... which is a choice for sure and
are available on the sprinter chassis

Unity U24 IB (y)
Coach House 240DQ (y)
Regency Ultra 25IB (y)

was hoping that owners of these, or a similar type model i have not come across yet :unsure: might have some input ?