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hello we have just purchased a 2005 fleetwood expedition model 37u we think we done our homework and made a wise choice only has 10000 miles. we are in our 50's and will not ever be full timers but hope to spend a large amount of time in it sure i will have questions and welcome all advice thanks mark &sandy :cool:


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Welcome Mark and Sandy! Congrats on your new purchase. Like you, we are in our 50s, but we are planning to fulltime one day, hopefully.

You have chosen the best RV Forums on the World Wide Web. We have the experts around here and they love giving advice! So when you have questions, ask, and these amazing minds will come together to offer the best advice around!


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Re: new here

as Jeanie has said, welcome. She was right about some bright minds on this forum. But be fore warned we also have a lot BS'ers as well. I know this as I am one of them. :laugh: But all kidding aside welcome and do ask any questions you may have or any you may come up with. I am sure you will get your answer.