New idea for owners of class B motorhomes


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I am new to this group so let me introduce myself and tell you why I joined. There are actually two of us, my wife, Adelle and myself, Ron. We own a 22 foot Dolphin motorhome, a class C, not a class B like the rest of you. Nevertheless, I have something to say that could be of interest to class B owners.

In 2001 we took our first camping trip in our Dolphin, across the US from Tampa, Fl across the south, up the west coast to Vancouver and across the northern plain states to Connecticut. We loved it and wanted to continue. We decided to look into doing the same sort of trip, but to do it in Europe. Of course we thought of a great many possible difficulties involved in such a plan. But the more we looked into it the more we felt we could do it. So, in 2002 we shipped our little RV to Zeebrugge, Belgium, picked it up at the dock and then spent nearly three months travelling in Holland, Belgium, France and Germany. Then we stored the RV in a greenhouse in Holland, picked it up in 2003. took a ferry to Harwich in the UK and spent nearly three months travelling around the UK. Both trips were extremely enjoyable. Of course we encountered some problems but managed to solve them. And we discovered that travelling this way in Europe for long periods of time was relatively inexpensive, compared to any other way of travelling there, and even compared to travelling here in the US, taking into account the cost of shipping.

We skipped 2004 because Adelle had to have her knee replaced, but she used the time to write the book we wished we had read before our first trip. We tried to cover everything you need to know in order to prepare for and make such a trip. The book covers the important things you need to do to prepare your vehicle, plan for your home being unattended for a long period of time, pay your bills, how to ship your vehicle, figure the costs involved in shipping and travelling, find campgrounds, drive the highways and roads, shop for food and enjoy the sights. The book is being published by Intrepid Traveler and will be available very soon. There is more about it, pictures from our two trips and excerpts from the letters we wrote home on our web site at:

During our two trips we saw many people travelling in camper vans. And that is where the Class B motorhome comes in. The vehicles you drive are perfect for travelling the sometimes narrow roads in Europe and certainly as economical to drive there as our little Class C. And Class B’s should be much less expensive to ship because the shipping charges are based on cubic volume.

This year Adelle and I will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary and shortly after that we will head for our RV again, still stored in that greenhouse in Holland. This time we hope to get to Italy.

We thought that you might like to do what we did and that is why I joined this group. If you have questions we will be glad to answer them to the best of our ability.

Thanks for your attention and happy travelling.


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New idea for owners of class B motorhomes

Ron welcome to the forum and the info you provided. When we finally see everything in the US and Canada, we may pack up the B and head across the pond. :cool: