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New to this site. Looking at purchasing a Pre-owned Class A gas. Have been looking at 2005-2007 GulfStream Sun Voyager 36' with two slides. I was wondering if anyone has any feedback (positive or negative) that they have heard about this brand/model. Growing up, the parents had a EuroCoach. I have to admit, I was a little spoiled. I have recently been impressed with the Sun Voyager. It looks great, seems well built, and feels roomy (I am 6'4"). Thanks for ALL the comments on this site, I have found them all very helpful. Safe travels to all. Jon
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Thanks for the link UtMtMan!! We really appreciate it. Unfortunately, we visited a Mega Dealer yesterday with tons of inventory on the lot. I have to admit, I was really impressed with the Newmar MountainAire!!! It seems to be a coach that one could own AND enjoy for years!! Any advice for/against this make? We looked at a 2006 with only 4000 miles. Very clean unit.

Would love some feedback!!!



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Newmar has a good reputation, but I have never owned one. Regardless of what you get, if you are going to pay that kind of money for something, work with a dealer you can trust. They are out there. Chances are that the warranty has expired and with low mileage it was either driven a few times and parked and not used or full timed in. If it wasn't used, you will still find things wrong that haven't been found yet. If it was full timed in, it may show signs of one or two years of steady use. I live about 5 minutes from a campground that is open all year and there is a big, brand new Fleetwood that has been sitting in the same spot for over 6 months now...that unit has low mileage, I bet!
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Well, it is looking like the Gulf Stream Sun Voyager will be the choice. I just don't think there is a comparable coach available at this price.

Any feedback on In Motion Satellite? Best hardware/provider? Is it reliable for internet service? Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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Hi Jon,

Automatic Dome Sat: KVH TRACVISION R5SL (2/1 WNTY) 401-847-3327
DirectTv is fully compatible

Good luck with your purchase,

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Thanks Steve!

Do you use DirectTV for television only? Does anyone have any experience using DirecTV in motion for Internet service while on the road?

Is it reliable? Speed? Difficulty getting a signal?

Thanks again!!!


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You cannot use Direct TV or DISH network for network access. There are 2 other companies which supply satellite internet. I hear that if you have a satellite internet dish, you can add an LMB to pick up satellite TV, but it will still be 2 companies to sign up with and 2 companies to pay bills to.


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I agree the Mountain Aire is beautiful. I was just in one 3 days ago at an Rv show. The only bad thing I heard was warrenty work and service. I'm still trying to find out the best one to buy.