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I have a 4 year old and a 16 month old. In a vehicle we are required to have car seats for both. We just bought a Class A Motor Home. Are we required to still put them in car seats or is it different for a motor home. If it matters, we live in Texas! :question:


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Not sure of the law, but I would put them in car seat either on the couch or other stable chairs in the motorhome. Check with your BMV or State Police or even local police. SAfety first.
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Just being in a "car seat" is not necessarily "safe". Those seats are designed to protect from a certain position in a vehicle.

I suggest that the manufacturer of your car seat should be contacted as well as the TXDOT people. You might be surprised from both.

Hey, Rhonda! I matters very much that you live in Texas! :approve:
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Sounds good there fellow Texan!!! I will call the manufacturer. I am trying to find a law on it now to see if it is even addressed.
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In Texas the kids only have to be in the appropriate carseat if they are sitting in the front seat which has seatbelts installed by the manufacturer. Any person riding in a seat that does not have seat belts installed as required by law is not subject to the above requirements. (Texas Occupant Restraint Law, Chapter 545). The laws vary from state to state so be sure to check out other state's laws if you decide to two-step out of the Lone Star state for a spell. :)
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That is an excellent question. There are no seat belt requirements in school buses, so maybe that applies to motorhomes?? Check with your secretary of state office for the laws about car seats. The laws are so different for each state. But you have to do something to make you feel comfortable about the safety of the children. Let us know what you find out!