New RV's

New RV's

Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know we made the right choice, but it always feels better when you're reassured from others. Now we're just waiting for the snow to melt (Wisconsin snow seems to take forever to melt :laugh: and the temps to heat up :cool: and we'll be happy. :)

Happy trails to you!
New RV's

Hi, all! We bought a 2004 Fleetwood Mesa last week. It is a bit bigger than what we are used to but we like the layout and it has 2 king beds. We've only got 1 kiddo, who sleeps on the table bed, and the extra king bed is great for storage of clothes. We found that out last summer when we rented a Tacoma. The Mesa is similar but a bit bigger.

We are excited and also nervous about plopping down $8000 for a camper. We decided we could probably have gotten a better deal looking for a used one but we didn't want to put the time and effort into doing that. Our first trip is April 1, to Palestine, Texas to ride the steam train. We'lll be pulling it with a Chevy Tahoe.

Thanks for all the tips and I'll let you know how our first trip goes.

C Nash

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New RV's

Congratulation squirt and I know you are going to enjoy. If the Tahoe does not have the external trans cooler i would suggest installing one. Try a weekend camping local before you head out on the first trip or at least hook everything up and spend the night in the yard to be sure everything is working. Have fun :approve:
New RV's

We decided to follow advice given here as well, and are picking up our Fleetwood Laramie pop up this morning. We are very excited to get back into camping ! :cool:
New RV's

Glad to hear all the advice in here helped. It sure helped us. We can't wait to pick up our Fleetwood! (5 weeks and counting :laugh: ).

Waiting for the snow to go far away!