New small TT

C Nash

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Check this out. Thought it might be interesting to some that are looking for a small rv.

Don't understand some of the specs, such as GVWR-3500 GAWR max-3220 Axle capacity-3750. What is the difference in GAWR and axle weight and the max axle weight is less than the GVWR but don't take much to confuse me:laugh:


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Re: New small TT

The axel capacity is the capacity of the axel itself. It is specified by the axel manufacturer. The GAWR is the maximum weight which can be transmitted to the axel. It takes into account the suspension, and must be less than or equal to the axel rating. The GVWR is the maximum amount the trailer can weigh. Since it is bigger than the GAWR, some of the weight must be supported by the hitch (known as pin weight or hitch weight). The max pin weight is 390 pounds, so the weight on the axel should never be as high as the GAWR. Safety factors all around, looks like it might be a good design.


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RE: New small TT

NOW THAT IS SMALL. I guess it would be great for one person who would use it for a traveling hunting cabin. It seem it would be just about the right size for that.