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Hi we are new to this forum. Posted under general with a question concerning travel to Alaska but perhaps if I post here someone might be able to poit me in the right direction.
We are going to Alsaka in July and I have read logs from others that have gone several yrs back about the materials to cover the toad while traveling. Some say from 3m file to carpet over toad. Has anyone been in past couple of years that can suggest the best way to protect the toad from chips, broken windshield etc. have been reading forum for several months but just joined in.
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Welcome to the fourm c. Hang in there someone will reply to your post. What you can do in the meantime is go to search at the top of the page and type in Alaska. There was some past discussions there about your question.
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The best way is to get the hard rubber skirt that goes under you bumper because your RV will do the most damage. Other than that there are screen set ups to cover the windshield and front end but I can't tell you where to get them. I drove to Alaska on a motorcycle. The rocks beat my shins up pretty bad. Had bruises for weeks.

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The hard rubber flaps tend to kick up gravel and throw them on the toad. A full cover bra that covers the w/shiel will work but the sand can scratch the paint. The shield that goes under the hitch from MH to toad seems to work well. Think Blue Ox makes it but not sure. I saw bubble wrap, blankets, cardboard and you name it when we went. I had the full bra on our tracker and didn't get any damage. Also made a aluminum guard to bolt on the front of the tracker for traveling in it. Drove all the way to the Artic Ocean and no damage. 500 miles of dirt road one way.