New to Full Timing and I Need Some Advice


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I have been offered an exciting opportunity. My wife, our 14 month old and I have been approach to travel the country for just over a year promoting a new product. Basically we are going to pack up and move into a RV and hit the road. This is a bit crazy for us (neither of us has ever been in a RV) and we hoping some of you experts can answer our questions and provide some advice.

Question(s) 1.
What do you do about health care? What is a good health plan? What do you do when you need to see a doctor?

Quuestion 2 (really seeking advice):
Has anyone traveled with a 14 month old? Do you have any advice?

Question 3:
What size motorhome should we get (we will be towing a 8 foot trailer and going into major cities)?

Question 4:
How far in advance to do you need to make reservations at an RV park?

Question 5 (truely seeking advice):
Any advice on full timing would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.



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New to Full Timing and I Need Some Advice

1. Do a lot of research and shopping. Obviously an HMO will not work but other plans will although prepare to dish out some big bucks. Drs. and dentists usually are no problem on the road and many will bump you to the top of the list just to ask about your life style.
2. Cant help there although one does see a lot of families full timing these days.
3. Tough question as it varies with your lifestyle and what you will be hauling. Talk to a lot of people, read books, go to RV show. Leave no stone unturned in your research as it will save you a lot of grief and money to be thoroughly prepared.
4. We very seldom make reservations however you have a different situation in that you will need space for the trailer. Will you be setting up your biz op in the RV park? That presents other problems and questions.
5. Biggest question: can you and your spouse stand to be in very close proximity 24/7, especially with a wee one? That is a test of the best marriages and it doesnt work for everybody. If you cant honestly answer this satisfactorily, all else is immaterial as it wont work.
Good luck and research, research, research. :cool:


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New to Full Timing and I Need Some Advice


Thanks for the advice. I can honestly say that if I were to be locked in a box 24/7 my wife and child would be the ones I would want to be locked with. We are very open and communicate well and we know that this is going to be a big adjustment (how big is the real question).

thanks for the advice on the health care. Good to know about letting tham know your life style ( that seem like a good way to get seen).

If you come up with anything else, please do me a line.

Thanks again,


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New to Full Timing and I Need Some Advice

One thing, if you have never been in a RV. Rent one. Travel in it for a week or more. Be sure this is for you. Second read "Support Your RV Lifestyle" by Jamie Hall Read, "Complete Guide to Full-Time RVing" by Bill and Jan Moeller. Read "Take Back Your Life! Travel Full-Time In An RV." by Stephanie Bernhagen. My wife and I bought and read these books.

1. Health Care can be interesting. If you have a full-time job you are quitting, then you can use COBRA. Also you can check into insurance companies in your state and see if they will take you. If not and you have COBRA, 63 days before you lose that you can try to get High Risk Pool Insurance. Each state has it. So far I haven't gone to the doctor, but then we haven't been full-timing long either.

2. Don't have kids. Can't help you there.

3. Size of motorhome. Visit dealerships. "Test them out" Be like your going to live it this motorhome. Lay on the bed, go sit on the toilet. Get into the shower. Try out the chairs and sofa. Sit at the kitchen table/booth. Do you fit? If not write down the make and model you were in what you liked about it and didn't. If you find one you fit have the salesman put in the slides. Sit at the driver's seat. This is one thing you will find out if your long legged. You might not be able to get your seat back far enough because the slide out behind you is to close to the driver's seat. Don't take a motorhome thinking, "Oh I can live with it." BULL!! You will hate it. Drive the motorhome. Not just a couple miles either, but 25 or more miles. Also besure the motorhome you are buying can safely tow the trailer and stop it. Don't listen to the salesman, check it out for yourself. The weight limits will be on the hitch.

4. Reservations. A day or two works, unless it's a busy part of the country then sooner.

Like the others say, research, research, research. The wife and I do so for 5 years before we went full-timing and we are still learning as we go.


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New to Full Timing and I Need Some Advice

About the health care, you might look at Kaiser. Although they're an HMO, I believe they're national in scope -- certainly well-represented here in Colorado and in Calif., where we aim to end up. Don't know what their rates would be for your family -- for me, as a supplement to MediCare, they're very reasonable.


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New to Full Timing and I Need Some Advice

Question 5
Any advice on full timing would be greatly appreciated

Well, unless your campground rent is going to be "taken care of", you really might want to consider joining some campground memberships. The cost of camping can get outrageous while being on the move when full-timing.

You don't have to do the long-term heavy-price buy-ins. A couple simple low-cost options are available. (If you have an itinerary, you might want to check on area availability for the cities you will be in.)

Passport America
[*] Offers 50% off camping [/list]
Happy Camper
[*] Offers 50% off camping [/list]
Recreation USA
[*] Offers $10/night camping [/list]

The only drawback is the time limits on the discounted rates. Some are only for one night, up to one week, only during certain seasons, on space-available only basis, drive-up accommodations only, etc... But, each can save you a bundle of money in the long-run.

When one of the above is too limiting on availability, try to ask for a weekly or monthly rate in order to save money. With a weekly rate, it is generally to stay 6 days at a weekly rate than at a daily rate. But do the math youself to be sure.

We are Coast to Coast, RPI, Good Sam's and Passport America. I haven't tried Happy Camper or Recreation USA, but the campgrounds I've talked to that are affiliates have said that they honor each of them.

Hope this helps,