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Saddenned me to read about your wife. Both my granndfathers went via alzheimers and my mother in law is showing early signs of it. Its and awful thing and I wish you well.

On a brighter side what are you cookng on? My comp cooker is a Southern Yankee and I have three Eggs and and couple of WSM's laying around.

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Sorry to hear that bbqman, my father-in-law (probably one of my best friends) is in a nursing home in New Bern NC with alzheimers. Unfortunately he hasn't reconized me or my wife for several years. If you get to the Beaufort SC area then let us know so we can get some rinds and cracklins. :) :)
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had a trailer mounted, Southern Pride Pit. Old one, which I liked better than the new models....Sold it and have not been able to obtain another. Will one of these days. BBQ for 36 yrs. used everything imaginable. I really don't care for the new SP pits. just liked my old uxv nothing fancy, just work. Cook rinds in cast iron kettles.
Going to work on panel in MH that has some moisture damage. Got to see what I need to do.
Thanks for all the thoughts and concerns.
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Another cold windy day here, am in central ky. Got all lines at the house thawed. Went out and sat in MH for a Dreamin........Now everytime I go out, the pups think they have to go also. Pick them up put them in the MH one climbs on the console, other in passenger seat. Just hoping to leave. Now have all systems working without problems. No Leaks! Talked to a friend out in Tyson Springs, wish I was there. Will keep you all posted.
Been thinking about driveway camping...just anxious. :)


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Hey bbqman65, just do what make you feel happy, you have earned it. I do think that most of us has suffer someone who has the disease. AS for me,my step mom and dad suffer from it. So got out and enjoy yourself.

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BBQman, it has to be a terrible lost to lose your traveling companion of many years. I shudder at the though. Thoughts and prayers are with you in your ventures. Great to see you are going on and I know the wife would be proud. Sure hope I see you somewhere as the cracklins sure make my mouth water.