New to RV'ing Propane transport question

Is it unlawful to drive on roads and highways that show signs that say no hazardous cargo allowed? does this include RV's or just trucks that haul fuel? if it is not allowed, is there a book that list these roads so you can plan a different route?

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C Nash

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New to RV'ing Propane transport question

Good question Ed. I don't think that would apply to rvs with propane. Some tunnels will not allow propane tanks or so I have heard. Maybe someone can answer this or could check with DOT.
New to RV'ing Propane transport question

The school buses here used to run on propane instead of gas or diesel fuel and they always went through the tunnels here in Wheeling. I know because I drove one of them. I see RV's going through the tunnels all the time. If there are no signs posted that says otherwise I would go anywhere with propane.
New to RV'ing Propane transport question

I just got off the phone with the Mass highway dept and i was informed that the exclusion DOES apply to motor homes as well as any other machine carring or burning it as fuel. the reason is that it is not allowed in the tunnels. With the cost of the big dig one would think that it would be safe for all.

This will make my first long trip from Mass to SD a little tougher to plan.