Newbie 5th wheel advice


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I'm the type to dive in head first and check the water after...not always a good thing.
Just traded up for a 99 Ram 1500 5.2 V8 1/2 ton. GVW 4400
Just purchased a 97 Dutchmen 27' 5th. GVW 8800

Get all kinds of conflicting advice on whether I can tow this, trailer sales "you can tow anything", truck salesman "you should move up to a 3/4 ton.

Bought the truck without a manual and it's like pulling teeth to get a definate answer, but one Dodge dealership said the truck was rated for 7200 lbs.

1. Is this the GVW or the tow weight that he is referring to?
2. Anyone else in this predicament?

Bought the trailer privately and owner states he originally pulled it with a 1/2 ton just slightly higher HP than my 318.

Any and all feedback appreciated.