newbie - boon docking


I'm taking my (new to me) winnebego chalet for two nights next weekend. It will be at a place with NO hookups. I've taken it out now twice and seem to be doing really well, but have only taken it to places with hookups.

My batteries are all working, I will fill up the water tanks.

What else do I need to think of? I know electrical (like my microwave) won't work, but all gas things should work. I will bring a battery laturn for night reading so I don't run down the batteries. Am I missing anything?

The fridge should work off the gas (yes??).

newbie - boon docking

Congrats on your purchase! :cool: My lights ru off my 12v battery- when I drive or run the gen they charge. A lanturn is an excellent idea!
The fridge I had was propane and worked fine in that department.
Don't forget to fill your tanks before you leave. Sound stupid, but I have forgotten! :laugh:
Have fun! :)


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newbie - boon docking

Do you have a generator? An inverter? If so you can use everything. The biggest problem we have is with water. You need to deal with gray, black and fresh water. If you take a shower every day, like we do, you'll never have enouf of any of these. :laugh:
newbie - boon docking

Yes I have a generator. Haven't used it yet. But there is always a first time! Thanks...we know to conserve water and even though we'll be gone two nights, will really only need one shower....and we'll just conserve.

Also, we'll probably eat out so won't do much cooking or using sink to wash dishes.