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Re: NEWBIE on board ! PLEASE HELP!

A 78 motorhome with parts that are difficult to locate and a rotting floor, which probably also means it leaks, is on motorhome that is worth little more than salvage value. I would pay no more than what I figured that I could get for what might be possible to resell. That is particularly true since you have already indicated that you have no real RV experience and little knowledge of them. Consider that a new refrigerator will cost you at least $1000, an air conditioner nearly $500, a water heater $400 and a furnace about the same. Then consider what the floor could involve to repair it.

I have only 35 years of RV ownership and a career in electro/mechanical service work along with 9 years of living in my RV fulltime, so just take that as one opinin. If you want to risk it, go for it but do it with our eyes wide open.
Re: NEWBIE on board ! PLEASE HELP!

I have been doing alot of research and the parts seem readily available.I have been in the process of getting the nerve up to offer to remove it from his property at NO CHARGE and see if he bites on that at first,since it will cost about $700 just for heavy duty towing.I have seen other class A's at around $7k that I can enjoy right away and even then there is no guarentees.I don't know why I am so obsessed with this vehicle,I guess I see the potential.I have had a crush this hard since 7th grade!
Re: NEWBIE on board ! PLEASE HELP!

Frank, you can do it if you have the right setup at your homeplace, but if you have to hire it out you might not find it is worth the money.

It isn't quite like buying an old car and fixing it up as a show car. This MH will always be utilitarian in use. Well, unless you put headers on it!

BTW, at least with that 7th grade crush you might have expected to hold hands or a peck on the cheek! :clown:
Re: NEWBIE on board ! PLEASE HELP!

Hello all, I am fairly new to RV's but not to vehicle repair. I had an 82 Pace Arrow in pretty good condition given to me by my Dad, it still took a lot of time and money to get it where I would trust it on 500 mile trips. Rot due to water damage is an extensive repair process, you may end up having to replace a major portion of the roof. Also, the subsystems in those old rig's are not very efficient, and finicky to keep running. I am not saying don't go for it as it can be a very good learning experience, but just be aware of what you are getting into. Good luck whatever you decide.