Newbie Questions, Hoping for Help

Newbie Questions, Hoping for Help

RV-VOL, sorry it took so long to get back here. I went to the Starcraft website, and thank you. The 18' (smallest) and the 19' (next size up) looks do-able with a Minivan. Which weight do I take into consideration though for its standing dry weight? That's the number, I believe, that I'd be comparing with my 3500 towable max on the Odyssey. They show
GVW (gross veh. wt.) 2683,
Base/Dry Hitch wt. 408 lbs.
Base/dry Axle Wt. 2275.

The 19CK (looks nicer cause it has a couch)
2841, 346 and 2495 respectively. Interesting the hitch wt. is lower on the 19CK than on the 18SB. If it's the axle wt. then I could do the 19CK and maaaaybe even squeak on the 21RB. If it's the GVW, I'd be limited to the two smaller ones.

Do you have any idea what the new 2004s would tend to go for? Looks like kind of a nice unit!
Newbie Questions, Hoping for Help

PS, I'm also confused. The links on your website show TravelStar and Antigua. They each seem to bring me to StarCraft's website but from their website you can't go from one to the other unless I missed something. I brought both links from your website side by side and the floor plans look the same, so I guess I don't understand the difference. These do look like neat little units. Also really wondering about the weights published (see above) as to how big of a trailer would be recommended behind a MiniVan with a published 3500 max towing weight limit, maybe you could suggest?
Thanks for the referrals, I didn't know these united existed.
Newbie Questions, Hoping for Help

Fox and Hound,

The Travel Star and the Antigua have the same floor plans. The difference is the Color of Wood Inside. Travel Star is the Maple Wood Decor and the Antigua is the White Wood Decor. Most Dealers carry one or the other we are dealer for both brands.

Add 200 pounds to the published GVW for options. The GVWR is the Rating of the Axle's has nothing to do with the weight of the RV.

Another light weight unit you might want to take a look at is the Road Runner by Sunvalley. the weight of this 18 unit is 2750 with all the options and nice little floorplan.

Happy Camping
Newbie Questions, Hoping for Help

Turnip, this is the first discussion specifically about StarCraft. I just spoke to a dealer and the one company makes Antigua and TravelStar. He explained that yes, it can be confusing until you know that the difference between the two are color, otherwise the same (the website doesn't explain that). Do you really need to pump yourself up with insulting comments directed to others? This is the third one just on this thread alone. I just started looking at these. Sheeeeesh!!
Newbie Questions, Hoping for Help

Rick, you are being extremely helpful. Thank you much. I'm going to go take a look at the Starcraft (er, uh, TravelStar) today. A dealer does have a 2004 in stock in the 18SB or whatever it's called. That seems like a very safe towing weight. I just want to see one of these little things. What's appealing to me a lot about it (over the TrailManor) is probably what others like about the TM, and I don't particularly -- no "tent feel." So I'm really curious to see one. I'd have never run across any of these probably if it weren't for your helpful suggestions.
Thanks much, will report back.
Newbie Questions, Hoping for Help

Fox and Hound

Please do. And the 2004 is a great unit less money than the 2005 same features 7.5-9% less + the dealer should be giving a discount to move becuase the 2006 Starcrafts will be arriving June 1st.

The tent is best on the market. 7 year warranty.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy Camping
Newbie Questions, Hoping for Help

Rick -- I'm going to give you a call tomorrow (hoping you're open but figuring you will be). I looked at the Antigua 18SB and absolutely loved it. All the features I've been leaning toward, slow but sure, in the looking are wrapped into it. Lots of storage, wide enough floor space for the Hound (which is also out of the traffic pattern) and kitchen counter space galore. (Not pre-set up that way, but sheesh, one piece of masonite laid on the bed which is right next to the kitchen sink is all THAT would take, and easy to store when done. I truly LIKED the white since it looks like really easy wipe-clean laminate. Good lighting. No oven but I can bake bread and cornbread in a dutch oven outside (more fun anyway) and may prefer the cabinet alternative where the oven would go. And what's been surfacing increasingly as important to me is the tent feel in the bed extensions while having security otherwise. It just has a super cozy feel to it. I liked the couch in the 19' but the weight advantage and the other features just mentioned weren't there. I re-arranged the table/dinette setup (just removed the table) and that configures just fine into a couch type setup for reading with a backrest (the wall). It's wrapping together as a unit that's pretty much everything I've been leaning toward, and I knew it the SECOND I walked into it.

I may not have stumbled into one of these on my own. Seriously may not have. May have gone with the TrailManor which I'm sure is a nice unit except this felt built really well. I got down on all fours and peered at plumbing, wiring, etc. and though not a plumber or electrician, it *appeeeeeared* to be well done.

I hope you're feeling loved and appreciated right about now, LOL. I really just got home a short time ago, and blasted off a reply to you which got lost when my computer choked on itself, lost reply and had to reboot. I hope to catch you at a time when you're not busy tomorrow because I have a couple of questions and would like to thank you "in person" for turning me on to these. I'm feeling really psyched about this unit.