Newbie trying to buy 1st Used RV


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Hi all,

I'm an RV newbie looking to buy a used Class B+/C around Dallas, Tx, but I'm totally frustrated with the process. The private sellers I've been contacting are either flaking or running for the hills as soon as I mention having a mechanic inspect the vehicle (my inaugural trip will be a cross country move with 4 pets in tow...I need to make sure the RV can make the trip!)

The RV dealerships all seem to be reminiscent of 1980s used car lots. They have crappy reviews on yelp, and when I ask them about any certified used, or warranties, etc the responses I get are all along the lines of "we don't care what we are selling, it's 100% up to you to not buy a lemon." I don't necessarily mind, but the dealerships with used RVs are all a good hour away from me in places that I don't know how to get a mechanic to check out the RV for me.

At this point, I'm willing to spend more money than initially budgeted on a used RV if a dealer can help make sure I'm walking away with a decent vehicle, but IDK. Maybe I need to grow some anatomical parts to get more assistance.

I'd appreciate any advice, recommendations, leads, etc. I'm ready to scrap the whole idea, but I really want an RV.