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:) Hello group!
My wife and I are planning to buy a class B motorhome next summer, but we have lots of questions.
First one: Is it possible to stop in a shopping center parking lot or other large area for an overnite? Of course we we would be in a situation where we were not worried about a hookup for the nite. Are there places that are prohibited or where we will be asked to leave by the local police?
Second: How noisy are the auxiliary generators (for us and for people outside the vehicle)? We will be traveling during all types of weather, and like to sleep COOL.
Third: Has anyone had any experience with the new diesel powered class B's from Daimler/Chrysler/Freightliner?
Fourth: How important is storage?
Charlie G.
Newbie-where do you stay?

Hi Charlie,

1) It is possible, mostly Wal-Mart lots, however, I have seen a few that are in cities with laws that don't allow it.

2) Generators are VERY noisy if you plan to have it run all night long. If that was the case you would get to hear me warm up my unmufflered diesel at 5 AM. In the area that I camp in, generators are used to recharge the batteries while most of the camp is on the lake fishing and in the early evening to run the microwave for dinner. Having it on to run your AC so you can sleep in a freezer would have most of the camp pounding on your door.

3) No idea, I just went from a TT to a 5er.

4) Storage is important to the point that you can store all the needed items (tackle, BBQ, inflatable boat, beer, food, etc) without grossly exceeding the weight limits.

Good luck and enjoy,
Newbie-where do you stay?

Jay, you can see I don't know much. :bleh: I don't like to sleep in a freezer, just without humidity and excessive temps. Can the aux. battery run the a/c for the nite? AND, I don't think this(the generator) is a factor in a camp with electric hookups, right?


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Newbie-where do you stay?

No, the battery cannot run the A/C at all, much less all night. It may be able to run a couple of small 12v fans, though. Note that if you get a diesel rig, it MAY be possible to run it all night, like the 18 wheelers do. You'd have to hear it running to find out. Just park near running 18 wheelers rather then other RVers.

Some towns have rules prohibiting overnighting, and the number is growing as a small minority of people screw things up for the rest of us. Before staying anywhere, check with the manager to ensure that it is all right, and buy something! Other possible choices are rest stops and travel/truck stops.

When you say 'Class B', you are talking about a van which has been fitted with RV stuff inside, right? I was not aware that Chrystler/Daimler had a large van, or Freightliner had any van, so I am surprized they are coming out with a 'Class B'.

No, there is no reason to run the generator (except monthly to exercise it) if you have electric hookup available.

As Jay says, storage is not critical unless you want to carry more stuff than you have room or weight capacity for, then it becomes critical. By the way, Class B RVs have very little storage capacity.

If I was going to get a class B, I'd check out Sportsmobile, who build custom Class Bs on their van or yours. Their best feature is a pop top, which greatly reduces the 'cramp' of a van, without increasing the height (during movement or storage, anyway).
Newbie-where do you stay?

Thanks John, I feel better already. Yes, I am planning on a vehicle like RoadTrek, Pleasure-Way, Leisure Travel, Great West,etc. Gulfstream, Leisure and Xplorer are marketing a class B on the new Dodge/Chrysler/Freightliner 'Sprinter' chassis. It has a 5 cyclinder Mercedes Diesel and gets 22-27 mpg.
Here's one link:
It seems to have less storage than the present vans. I understand that is partly due to Mercedes restrictions on body cutting. The body, as you see it, is the actual cargo van. There are no fiberglass additions, so the only cutting is for windows, etc.

Gary B

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Newbie-where do you stay?

Hi Chas, you have gotten good advice from the previous posts, I just add, the none of the Class B's have that much storage, so it problay won't be that big a deal for you. I've seen class b's everywhere, including many coming and going to Alaska, so many folks get by with the storage they have. Newer onboard generators are quite, but after a couple of hours get to be annoying to the folks in the camper, most boondocking / state Federal CG's have quite hours of generally from 10PM to 7AM, so running the generator all night would be out, also if staying in a Wal-Mart type lot most if not all cites would have noise ordances. I guess if it were me and its hot I'd find a CG with electrical hookups. Likewise I don't know anything about the new MB diesel rigs (their are fairly new yet) but have seen a few and they look nice. Winnebago also builds a Class B RV and have seen many of them on the road and most like them. Welcome to the forum good luck in the search and keep asking questions, you'll get help. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: :approve:
Newbie-where do you stay?

Thanks all for your info. I did some deeper searching thru the Sportsmobile website and found that they do have showers available. They are also building an RV on the Dodge/Chrysler diesel chassis they call Starrunner. They are using 2 wheelbases and will be integrating thier StarCool a/c system which I hope results in a clean roof.
Those of you who recommended Sportsmobile, was it because of a good reputation? :question:
thanks again!


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Newbie-where do you stay?

Yes, their reputation is good as far as I know (have been in business, what, 40 years now?), plus have perceived lower cost, 3 factories across the country for convieniance, and greater flexibility (they can put in whatever you want). I'm 6'6", and their pop top is a real attention grabber for me. Yes, the StarCool was another big selling point, as were their clean roofs. I was going to cover mine with solar panels.

My dad found them, he and I were going to have one made up for us, but the Dodge salesman talked my dad into a 3/4 ton van, and Sportsmobile wouldn't put a generator or the good batteries in it, and suggested I do without the StarCool. In AZ? As if... They insist on a 1 ton for a full RV conversion. If I ever do get a class B, they are top contenders. If I could find a wide body van, and they could put the pop top on it, well I think that would be just an unbeatable combination.
Newbie-where do you stay?

John, I can understand the frustration, but on the other hand, its good that they have standards and stick to them. An ancient American once said: "there's no substitute for cubic inches", and I think that applies to chassis strength as well!
Do you know if that Starcool unit takes up space in the vehicle?


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Newbie-where do you stay?

Yes and no. It resides in the vehicle, but if I remember my 'design kit' correctly, it is packaged with the large (4 cf) refridgerator. So it takes up no floor space, but does take up the space above or below (I forget which) the refridgerator. I think that if you get the large fridge without the StarCool, you can put a microwave there, so that's the amount of space it takes up. I think there is also something which mounts below the floor (the part which causes it to work off the engine, perhaps) but that's probably of no consequence.

By the way, just looking at their web site, they mentioned that the StarCool could be run while underway, or even while the motor is idling. Depending on how obnoxious the engine noise is and how much fuel it sucks, this may be a solution to your 'AC without hookup' problem. Make sure they include a CO detector so you don't wake up dead from CO poisoning...

If you are interested, I'd suggest you order their literature package, should answer many of your questions. Before you give them any money, I'd suggest a visit to one of their factories to make sure you like the way they do things.

No, I don't have any problems with Sportsmobile's stand, but I am annoyed with my dad and the Dodge salesman :) Oh well, I guess you shouldn't look gift horsepower in the mouth either...
Newbie-where do you stay?

Thanks John :cool:
I did order the literature package. I also downloaded the 'design' kit, and a few other things. If the StarCool unit is the size you describe, I would get it with the bigger fridge and the microwave. Might as well do it right the first time. I must say, the more I look at it, the more I'm leaning towards Sportsmobile, even for the fact that you can get other colors besides white with graphics.