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You guys need to read back a few posts....Allison-man states he will no longer be answering this tread. He does however leave an email address.
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You can still post your questions here if you would like. I am also an Allison mechanic. After reading Allisonman's posts they might be big shoes to fill, but I do have 12 years experience on Allison and will try to do my best to answer your questions.
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Does anyone have experience wich BD-Power's replacement torque convertors (or any other aftermarket TC) for Allison AT542? I'm interested in this item for two reasons.
1. The AT542 does not have a lock up, therefore, I have been told, I would be wasting my money to intall a exhaust brake with this transmision. BD claims exhaust brakes work well with their TC.

2. My MH now has Cummins 5.9 190HP, putting out about 440 FP torque. This is near the max for the AT542. BD also offers upgrades to the 5.9 to take it over 600FP when coupled with their TC. I'm interested if anyone has done this and how much time they had to send picking up broken parts along the highway.

Thanks for your input,
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Just recently purchased a 1995 Safari Motorhome with a MD 3060 Allison. The other day I read on this forum that one could use the electronics of the Transmission to check the oil level, and that this is a more accurate way of checking trans oil level. I did this and received the code "ol lo 04" I take it that this means I am 4 quarts low. I added 2 quarts drove about 10 miles did the procedure again, and recieved the "04" code again. Level on dip stick shows full or a bit over full now. Should I keep adding oil? Also in viewing the codes, it shows code "51 12". Is this something that needs to be checked out by a technician?
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You are correct that lock up is required in order for your exhaust brake to work. Sorry, I am not familiar with the BD-Power torque convertor you are talking about.
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You are correct "ol lo 04" does mean that you are 4 quarts low, however the system only reads up to 4 quarts. If you added 2 quarts and it still didn't change, it means you are more than four quarts low. I do not have my book handy to check that code for you, but I will look into it. I would still have a tech look at it to trouble shoot that code and calibrate your dipstick.
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I checked your code 51 12. It is a code that means at sometime your transmission sensed that the offgoing clutch did not release when your oncoming cluth was trying to apply. In this case it was the 1-2 shift. I would first make sure your oil level is correct and monitor the transmission operation. It wouldn't hurt to take it to a tech to have it checked out. You don't want to be broke down when your out on vacation.
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Thanks for the replies and advice. The tranny does appear to be shifting better with the added oil. The "do not shift" warning and/or any new codes has not reappeared since topping off the oil. Thanks again.
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I have a box truck with a Detroit Diesel and an Allison AT542. The trans locked up at 48,000. I can get an AT545 alot cheaper than a 542. Would this work in this truck or will I have problems with shifting or bolt up to the Detroit. If the pan depth is the only difference can I switch pans to keep the same ground clearance.
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I have a 2002 Mountian Aire with a allison 1000. Between 68 & 70 mph it will whine and there is a slight vibration in the coach. The first owner was told by the company that this was the nature of the beast. I disagree, as I have never heard of a company as big as allison putting something out that would make that kind of noise. I have been told by some that if I changed to syn. oil that it would stop.
Need your opinion. Thanks
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Hi Transrand,
I was working my 1997 Beaver Monterey today and I found a fluid leak coming from the forward end, driver’s side of the transmission above the oil pan. It appears to be coming from the area where a wire bundle plugs into a control module. It is not a huge leak but it has wet the front face of the oil pan plus a modest area on the pavement. It must be a new leak as there is no other drip area on my parking slab.

After taking another look this morning it appears that the distribution of fluid on the transmission is probably the result of airflow when the coach is in motion. At this point it appears to be a leak around the pan gasket or possibly from a rubber plug that I understand is on the top of the transmission which would be the location of the fill tube in a front engine application. Any suggestions?
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I have just purchased a 1996 Safari. It has 19k miles. It has a CAT 300 and a 6spd Allison trans. The dealer said that the engine and transmission had just been serviced. If the coach has been parked for a few days the coach does not want to climb any kind if incline right after start up. I have never driven a diesel before and don't know if this is normal. If I start on level ground and drive just a few hundred feet the coach climbs very steep grades without a problem. I took it thru the mountains of north eastern Navada without any problems that I could tell.
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WELCOME TO THE FORUM First off ,pull the dipstick for the transmission and look and smell the fluid. It should be fresh ,dark red in color,but clear, and it should not smell burnt. If its dirty/smells burnt then it was not serviced and needs to be. You say you have never driven a diesel before, it needs to run to warm up, depending on outside temp, 5 minutes to maybe as long as 30 minutes if temps are at or below freezing. This lets the fluids in the engine and transmission warm up and move thru each unit to lube components thru-out after setting and before taking off down the road. hope this helps LEE