No Power From Generator

Up until yesterday, I had power inside my Pace Arrow when I started the generator. Started the generator up today (runs fine) but I have no power inside my MH. All breakers are fine, all resets are fine. What can I check next ? I have the MH in storage and cannot hook a shoreline to check if I'm getting power that way.
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Re: No Power From Generator

Sounds like the transfer switch to me.

That keeps gen. power and shoreline separate, but has to kick in. The switch looks for shore power first, then switches to gen power if shore is not found.


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Re: No Power From Generator

Two questions. What make and model is the genset and does your RV have a transfer relay? If it is an Onan it would not continue to run if the output were to fail. It may be the transfer relay if you have one. If you don't have one, is the power cord plugged into the storage plug so that the genset can supply power?
Re: No Power From Generator

Most generators have a fuse or breaker in the exciting circuit. The one on my Onan 6.5 kw has blown once and actually fell out the fuse holder. Replaced the holder and have not had a problem since.
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Where is the transfer switch located and can I replace it or do I have to take it to a dealer?
RE: No Power From Generator

The transfer switch used to be located where the converter and breaker panel are. On my Southwind, it was under the dinette seat. Has wires coming in from Shore and Gen set, then feeds panel.


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Re: No Power From Generator

usually an aluminum box, about 12" x 6" x 4". Follow the shore cord or the generator power lines until they meet in such a box. Or follow the wires from the input of the breaker panel to this box.
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Thanks for all the ideas from everyone, I believe my converter is in one of my basement modules. I'll try to track down the wiring, it might be a little difficult we are expecting snow tonight. For info purposes I have an ONAN generator in a 35 foot 1999 Pace Arrow w/slide. My main fuse box (breakers and fuses) are above the dinette. I am a complete novice when it comes to RV's and the way they work but I can tell that I will be learning a few things pretty fast. Again thanks for all the advice.


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Re: No Power From Generator

I had this problem once, well sort of. My motor home would periodically not recognize either the 115 or generator. It world seem to stick to only one source. A friend of mine found the transfer switch box which was located adjacent to the convertor, gave it a couple of whacks, sprayed it with a lubricant of some sort and it has worked ever properly ever since. He suggested that as the unit sits things sort of get "stuck" in one pot an need a little coaxing. Might work for you. By the way my friend is a motor home technician.