No power to 1/2 the coach


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Just got back from a two week shake-down cruise and everything works that I could not test in freezing weather this winter when I purchased the Holiday Rambler DP.
This is a tip as I did solve the problem. We over loaded the 20 Amp hookup and had a heck of a time finding where the breaker was thrown(called the hot line-but got it fixed before they called back). Checked every breaker and GFI plug and could not find the problem. Finally went to the Inverter, it has two 20 AMP breakers also. Who would have thought that it would be the problem it's the 12 volt right! wrong! it's an intergrated system(Oh ya it makes 12volt into 110 for some things) Anyway if you loose power to half the coach look there too.

Re: No power to 1/2 the coach

Thanks Len for the input. So far I've found breakers in 4 different locations....don't forget the one on the genset and enough fuse boxes that I need a map of them. The problem I've run into is you can have the exact mh next to each other and neither is wired the same way.