no propane gas to appliances

Please help. 1998 Roadtrek,190 Pop.Had tank filled. Went home, tried to fire up stove, furnace and refrig. All at separate times. No propane.
My propane tank does not appear to have any type of hand valve. Where I fill the tank there is a on/off switch.
I turn it on, go inside go to control panel and switch electricity on. Make sure that propane sensor is in the green. It is. Try appliances, no propane.
I have left the burners on to purge the air. No propane.
I have a Dometic (sp), refig, and a Suburban(sp) furnace.
Your advice greatly appreciated. Bob
Re: no propane gas to appliances

I would look again. There has to be a shut off at the tank which was probably shut off when they filled it.

DL Rupper

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Re: no propane gas to appliances

The overfill valve on the propane tank may be stuck in the stop filling position. Not sure if that would shut off the propane to the appliances or not. Just a thought. :bleh:
Re: no propane gas to appliances

Thanks for the response to both of you. Sorry didn't answer sooner. Today I went out and looked in every hiding place. There are five pipes coming out the side of the horizontal tank. Lets see 1. A gauge 2. looks like it might be a shut off elbow, with a screw driver type adjustment, no handle adjustment. 3. Appeared to be a male threaded pipe which looked like it was meant for portable propane stove. 4.and 5 hard to trace crawling around underneath. I am a newbie and and find these forums just great and everyone is so willing to help.

I am certain if I take it in to shop, they will just turn a secret knob somewhere and magic propane. Thanks again for your comments. Will continue to search. A little nervous around propane, since I have never, ever used propane.

Re: no propane gas to appliances

Bush70 - Thanks for replying to my no propane issue. I am just learning how to use the forum and should have replied directly to you. I answered back under my original post. DL also made suggestion. Have a great and safe New Year. Bob


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Re: no propane gas to appliances

My unit has an electric valve in the line, which shuts off the propane if the propane sensor detects propane in the air. If the valve on the tank is open (I'm pretty sure there has to be one), then check to see if you have this feature.
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your 1998 Roadtrek has a small door on the drivers side that has the fuel fill along with the propane fill with a toggle switch, the switch controlls the Gass solenoid on the tank. If you engage the switch and dont hear a clicking noise then either, your aux battery is dead, the switch is bad, you have blow a 5amp fuse(wich would indicate a short in the solenoid or switch), or the solenoid is bad. if the fuse keeps blowing replace the switch and solenoid. While your at it replace the LP regulator, since it has to be removed anyways, Regulators will clog up from the plastisizers in the line and clog up. You can also remove the output line from the tank and open the valve and se if LP comes out, if so then the check valve in the tank is bad, to fix that close the valve open up the lines to bleed any excess lp in the line then open the very slowly, most likely its the switch and solenoid.