Noisy slide??

We've never had a slide before but recently bought a 2002 MH with one slide. When we did the walk-thru I don't remember it being noisy but now it is a little. I'm wondering how much noise is normal for a slide to make when it's moving.

My DH cleaned and lubed the slide mechanism today, put it out and back in a few times and said it didn't make much difference as far as the noise goes, didn't seem to quiet it any. When we got it home after buying it he said the storage compartments had alot of sand in them and today he said he did find some sand in the slide.

Do you think it's something to be concerned about?



RE: Noisy slide??

i myself don't have any slides on my rv ,, but the ones that have worked on did,, and from what u'r saying (the sand in the compartment hinges) should be a good clue,,, ie the old owner stayed alot some where there is alot of sand and prob stayed for a long time... anyway IMO i would pressure wash the slide while it was out and then re lube it with some slide out lube or like we do at the shop use white lithium grease also be sure to lube the top of the slide too :)
RE: Noisy slide??

Thanks for your help. My DH didn't powerwash it but did clean it before lubing. Not being familiar with slides we don't know how it should sound, might be perfectly normal. Doesn't look like anyone else has anything to offer on the subject but I thank you for replying. :)

DL Rupper

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Re: Noisy slide??

Hey pelaine, it's hard to judge if your slide is making excessive noise as we can't judge it against the noise our slides make. My slide for instance is hydraulic and it makes quite a bit of noise coming in and going out. However, I can't compare it to yours, so I didn't answer. Sorry for being non responsive to your problem.

C Nash

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Re: Noisy slide??

Is the noise a grinding or scraping sound? Listen to another same make and see if the noise is the same.
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DL -- I know, noises are so hard to describe in words. Ours is hydraulic, too, and if yours 'makes quite a bit of noise' then ours is probably just normal movement noise. I don't think I'd describe it as excessive. I apologize for being impatient - it's my one and only character flaw. ;) (Hope my DH doesn't read this - he might have something to say on that subject!)

Chelse -- I'll try to do that - take a listen to another of same make.Never having a slide before anddon't think I've ever been around one as it was moving, I'm probably making a big deal aboutnothing.

On the subject of noises - there have been so many times in my life that I wished I could make noises/sounds like you guys do,car motor, transmission shifting, squeeling tires, a shooting gun, etc - just can't do it.I think that's a gene that only gets passed out to the male of the species. Darn! LOL

Anyway, thanks so much for your input. I've been reading here for a month or so and am so impressed that youpeople take the time to offer help and encouragement to people you don't even know. Pretty cool in my opinion. Thanks so much.
Re: Noisy slide??

The hydrolic pump makes the noise on that type of system. Its hard to describe but sounds like a whining noise. it gets louder when it reaches the end of the trip either in or out. This is normal. There are several reasons why it may sound louder in one area and not another( ie. another rig close by or near a building, less background noise, someone talking to you while it is going in or out). These things thing can amplify noise or take your mind off of it. As long as the slde is going in and out smoothly and straight I wouldn't worry about it.
Re: Noisy slide??

Here's an update on our slide - the one I said seemed too noisy? The middle of August my DH parked the MH ('02 Itasca Spirit) where we would leave it till after Labor Day for a few weeks of Salmon fishing on the Southwest Washington coast. The slide wouldn't go out all the way and he ended up turning it out the rest of the way manually. Got ready to pack up and it wouldn't come in. Tried and tried. Got out the manual, followed the instructions for checking the error code and it was something about the two ends of the slide being out of synch. Followed instructions for re-synching. You could see the one side trying to move but seemed like it was hanging up. Ended up bringing it in manually. :angry: So, have an appointment where we bought it for this Friday to have it fixed. I'm hoping we can convince them it was defective when we bought it and that it's something they should take care of. I truly believe it was as I thought it was noisy the first time we put it out when we got it home the day we bought it. If they won't take care of the cost, my next hope is that the extended warranty covers it. Just thought you'd like to hear the next chapter.
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The problem with the slide not moving in or out turned out to be a loose connection at the touch pad, something we hadn't thought of. As for the excessive noise, he said that's due to the "out" switch being held too long after the slide is all the way out or the "in" switch being held too long after the slide is all the way in, and that has caused a doink (my word not his, can't remember his :bleh: ) in the rods(?) that the slide moves on. That's probably not right but I'm old and it's been 4 days since he told me!! Add that to the fact that I don't know how it works so can't just explain it. I'm sure most of you guys will be able to figure out what I'm trying very inadequately to say. Bottom line, he told us to not be too heavy handed with the switches. We got off much easier than I thought we would - just $63.67.