Non Delivery by Woodall's

Hi, just wondering if anyone else has had any problems getting things delivered that they have purchased from Woodalls,I purchased 2 books back in August using the internet and paid with my visa card, so far I have not received either book. I have contacted them by email and phone and are not having too much luck. They say they only have record of one purchase and promised delivery of that within 10days, nearly 3 weeks later "no book" am I wasting my time? One book was an RV camping Directory the other was an RV buyers guide, as I live in Australia it's a bit hard to follow it up, but I think I will keep trying,
Non Delivery by Woodall's

I am pleased to say after a few phone calls to Woodalls both the RV books have now arrived and I think they will be very helpful

C Nash

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Non Delivery by Woodall's

Glad you received your books Tassiedevil. Mailing can be slow when sending to other countries. Sold a book to a fellow in Canada on ebay and it took about 8 weeks to get to him. Which books did you get?
Non Delivery by Woodall's

Hi, I got the Woodall's 2005 Nth America Camp Ground Directory and the 2005 New RV Directory,we were only looking at that to get an idea of prices. Regards Sue.