Norco Frig caught on fire

:eek: Yesterday saw friend's Class C motor home with a melted roof vent of the frig. Yes the kids were asleep and friend who just happened to come back from work saw smoke from rig and got them up and out. The fire was in the chase behind the frig which was on electricity only. No smoke alarm went off and fire was put out. Has anyone heard of a similar event and what was cause? Breaker never opened circuit with fire roaring up the chase. The rig is fully covered but what do we look for to prevent this? :dead:
RE: Norco Frig caught on fire

Yes their was a recall on the Norcold Fridge 04,05,06 due to catching fire. If you bought that used and the dealer whom you purchased it from did not complete the upgrade/modification before you purchased it then the dealer is responsible.
If you bought it new you should have received something in the mail refering the dangers of using those perticular models being recalled.
Their is a local dealer i know of who did as im refering to and sold a unit with out the midfication and it cought fire but someone died and they were sued 2mill and norclod was sued 12mill...good luck.


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Re: Norco Frig caught on fire

There is also more to this issue. Every RV owner must regularly make sure that the flue and vent of the refrigerator is clean and clear of obstructions. This is especially true for RVs that sit in storage for long periods. If a bird, mouse or even enough bugs make nests in those areas a fire could be the result. RV refrigerators are absorption refrigerators and that means that they operate by using heat to cause the cooling cycle to work. When operating on propane there is a flame in the unit and when on electricity it just replaces that flame with an electric heater. If the ventilation of the unit stops, there is a high probability that a fire will be the result, even when there is no failure in the refrigerator.