"Off Season" is 6 Weeks Old


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Did one of the family Christmas events this weekend and was 20 minutes from my seasonal site. So, I went over to the campsite and cleaned up leaves for a couple of hours. The weather was great. I was working away and thinking...January, February, March, and then I get to come back again! It dawned on me that the off season is 1/3 of the way over now. We have a trip planned next week in the class C and will likely do others in January and February before heading down to the seasonal site in March to build a patio and fire pit. It was 57 today...I hope we don't freeze to death next week!

C Nash

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Re: "Off Season" is 6 Weeks Old

Enjoy each day Becky. Time really flies and it'll be summer before you know. Guess you have a couple weeks off. Have fun and enjoy the class C trips.