Oil-free air compressor how to use the situation?

Screw-type silent air compressor is mainly used for large-scale commercial and industrial systems. Rotary silent oil-free air compressor, scroll-type silent oil-free air compressor is mainly used for home and small-capacity commercial air-conditioning devices, centrifugal oil-free silent compressor is widely used in large-scale building air-conditioning system. Compressed air in the oil-free mute air compressor inside the intercooler and aftercooler to cool the more oil-free mute the more energy-saving air compressor, the more water vapor will condense. The installation of water-cooled silent oil-free air compressor air-free quiet indoor air compressor system less demanding, because the cooling water contains about 90% of the motor energy.
If the cooling oil-free mute air compressor running a sudden power failure, you should first cut off the power switch and immediately silent mute air compressor suction valve, exhaust valve closed, while closing the supply valve, stop to the evaporator for liquid, So as not to start the next machine when the evaporator liquid too much to produce wet compression. When running, because of no oil mute air compressor parts damage and need to stop, if the time allowed by the normal shutdown operation, if the situation is urgent, you have to cut off the motor power, in the suction, exhaust valve and the supply valve. If the refrigeration equipment running ammonia or cooling oil-free mute air compressor failure, the power plant should be cut off wearing anti-virus clothing and masks for repair. At this point should open all the exhaust fan, if necessary, water leakage Leakage ammonia can be used to facilitate repair.
In the operation if the cooling oil-free silent air compressor wet stroke occurred should be dealt with according to their severity, for a small wet stroke, should be closed or close the small suction valve or expansion valve. On the more serious wet stroke, should immediately shut down the suction valve, expansion valve. After a severe wet stroke, the refrigerant in the crankcase should be let off, or the refrigerant in the crankcase and in the cylinder should be taken out by using other cooling and oil-free mute air compressors. At the same time, the lubricating oil, vacuum.......