oiler wheel bearings


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Howdy A. M.,
I think you are more knowledgeable about stuff than just transmissions..

I changed my front wheel bearings from grease to oil. I had synthetic oil put in. The maintenance interval for the oilers has never been clear to me and I have had different opinions. Some say to change the oil every year and some say they will go at least 100,000 miles before they need attention. Of course if oil is cloudy from contamination, etc., then they need attention sooner. Periodic check with a pencil magnet for metal wear is also possible. Shooting with an infra-red thermometer for increased heat would also be a method of checking.

What is your opinion and is there a good site for "documented" maintenance intervals/procedures?

My seals are Chicago Rawhides.


Gary B

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oiler wheel bearings

Hi George, I don't know of a site, but can tell you from my experience from when I owned a Freightline HD truck, I checked the oil level regularly and closer at the annual inspection and that was about it. I never changed the oil or worried about running a magnet in there or the temps. Now I know if you have the infra-red temp gage theres nothing wrong with checking every now and then. Its really a no worry thing in my book. Good luck and go out and enjoy. :) :laugh: :cool: :bleh: ;) :approve: