OK I'll bite for my first post

What is the class B unit. I know what class A and C are and well as ther various trailers but I do not know what the class B is, please explain.

OK I'll bite for my first post

Also known as a "van motorhome." They're generally built on a one-ton van chassis (until recently, most were on the Dodge 3500) and use the van's steel body as the shell for the coach, with some modifications here and there. They're significantly different from a Class C in that a C's living area is basically a square box bolted on to a cutaway chassis and then fitted out with standard cabinetry, upholstery, etc.; this allows them to be "mass-produced" and concurrently sell for somewhat less money than a van, which does require a fair degree of customization in order for the conversion to fit to the van's steel body and frame. Major manufacturers of Class B van motorhomes include Pleasure-Way, Leisure Travel, Roadtrek, and Coachhouse - there are a number of others.