Jason Mesick

New Member
I'm having trouble finding anything online that meets my needs.

I want to insert a skylight into my RV above the loft/sleeping area.

The tricky part is that I want to have it open so that I can climb through it for roof access. Also, I want it ideally to be able to close with a panel so that no light enters. Finally, a removable screen would be nice so that I can let in air without letting in bugs.

So I can't find anything to meet these 3 needs:

Open completely to climb through onto the roof.
Open with a screen attached to allow air flow.
Close completely and block all light.

Does anything like this exist?????? Thanks!

C Nash

Senior Member
Jason, I doubt you will find this but may be able to have one built. I know there are RVs with stair access to roof so may be something there that would meet your needs Good luck and keep us posted