Our "NEW" Home - 42' Overland Lorado Diesel Pusher


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Re: Our "NEW" Home - 42' Overland Lorado Diesel Pusher

so true Mike, Maria and I did the same thing. while pull the old TT and seeing those big class A's going down the road and saying one of these days. Well here we are going down the road in a Class A. BOY LIFE SURE DOES SLIP UP ON YOU :laugh:

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Re: Our "NEW" Home - 42' Overland Lorado Diesel Pusher

H2H1 - 8/31/2011 1:00 PM Steve cover them up when NOT in storage and keep it out of the sun as much as possible. I cut card board the size of my head lights and place them between the headlights and the frame or just tape them over the head lights when it is in the yard sitting. I also had a cover that I kept over the entire MH, but it rotted out, but buying another cover for it and that also helps the preserve the lens and the MH.

I took your advice about a month ago. Cut out a piece of cardboard the shape of the headlight and covered them up. Works well. I also have a 30 x 50 garage that I keep it in most of the time. Accept I am using the garage to rebuild a 1977 Subaru that belonged to my mother and giving it to my granddaughter. Hopefully I will have the MH back in the garage before the snow flies.


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Re: Our "NEW" Home - 42' Overland Lorado Diesel Pusher

sound good Steve, I just wished I had a garage that big to put mine in


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I took off at noon today. Came home and decided to get the headlights fixed. Stopped and got a $8.99 Turtle Wax headlight resotation kit and a $18.99 set of mini driving lights. Got home, put the car in the garage and went to work.

Leaned a piece of plywood up against the front of the RV for shade and dug in. Found the right driver tip to get the trim screw out and climbed up inside the front end. Turns out there are 3 bolts holding the frame in. 1 is a lag bolt that needs a 3/8" wrench to get it out. The other 2 are nuts requiring a 10MM (yep, 10mm) wrench for removal. After that, the trim, blinker and side marker light wiggled out.

The headlight itself is from a 95 ford F-150 pickup. I went to 4 parts stores, a dealer and a salvage yard to figure that out. The drivers side light was fine, just dirty and out of alignment. The passenger side has a broken adjuster bolt end. As you tried to adjust the the headlight up, the bolt just pushed into the headlight's socket.

Of course, no one in town has one. Dealer can get one for $20, that is the whole adjuster assembly. Used headlight with adjuster can be gotten (friend discount) for $30, but lense quality is not guarenteed. Came home empty handed.

I put the adjuster bolt back in, but let it rest against the piece in the headlight instead of going thru it. This way it will push the bottom out (aim up) for adjusting. I ran it all the way in to start. Put the trim pieces back on and bolted them into place. Used the headlight restoration glaze to polish the lenses, and it did a good job. Looks like they have been sanded down before. Will save the sanding part of the kit for a later date.

We did some packing for the weekend trip and let it get dark.

Turned the RV around (always fun) and parked it idling on a level piece of concrete. Got my piece of plywood out, sat it in front of the headlights and marked the center of the lights on the plywood with masking tape. Measured off and moved the plywood 25 feet away from the RV. Propped it against a ladder and started adjusting. The top line of the low beams need to be at the tape line on the plywood.

I had to climb up inside the front end again and turn the adjusters with a small cresent wrench (no adjuster tool). Drivers side was quick, but the passenger side took alot of turns to get it up to the mark. Climbed out from under and adjusted the new driving lights to hit just above the bottom of the plywood. Moved the plywood out of the way and got in the RV.

WOW, you can actually see the pavement in front of you. A click of the switch and the high beams come on, glaring down the expanse in front of you. Click the driving lights on and the whole world lights up. This was definately worth the effort. I knew they were way off adjustment, but I didn't realize just how far off they were.

Still needs aroad trip, this weekend, to do a real-world test, but I know I will be able to see well after dark. Best fix I've done yet!

Let the good times roll!!!!!!!!



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We took her out for the weekend. Drove down about 90 miles to a "resort" that we bought into a few years back. Bought our "share" for $400 from another couple. $420 a year maintanance fee. We can take our RV in any time we want, as often as we want and stay for free. Water, sewer and electric are included. 2 lakes with boat (non-motorized), kayak, paddle boat, and canoe rentals, Equestrian Center and a Sports Complex.

Drive Down was uneventfull - quite a change for us. Last 2 times down in the old rv we have had at least 1 issue each time. Fuel filters one trip, alternator the other trip.

Backed it into a rather tight spot and set her up. We had reserved the spot before we bought this rig. We are now 10' longer and about 10" wider than before. Jacks down, slide out, water, sewer and electric hooked up. Man, she is big inside!

Spent the weekend enjoying the lake, swimming pool and some really good grilled steaks. Weather turned PURFECT on Sunday with a high of 74 degrees, light spotty cloud cover and a slight breeze that blew all day long. Heaven!

Rear a/c shut down on Saturday. Climbed up and took the cover off. The motor starter capacitor is fried. No one around open, but no big deal. Front a/c cooled us just fine. Not even needed on Sunday or Monday.

Got the LP tank filled before we left. They only charge $2.15 a gallon - it's a steal!

Uneventfull drive home, except for the rather pesky wind that kept trying to push us around. Pulled in at home and unpacked.

Gotta get the roof done so we can move into this one!!!!
Congratulations, guys. You've got yourselves a beautiful piece of machinery there. My husband and I are currently in the process of saving up for our first R.V. We're hoping to make our first trip from Phoenix to Las Vegas and on into San Jose sometime late 2012. We can only only hope our first purchase will smile as kindly on us as yours did! (Perhaps even without the few mishaps you had! :eek:)
Mike did you ever figure out what that switch was on your stove hood? If not, I believe it is the switch that turns on the fan for your fridge.


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No on the switch.
Been busy on other stuff. My list is never ending.

Was up under the back end yesterday. Checking out the engine bay. Found a loose steel brace - broken at the weld.
Had to take the air filter out (what a pain) to get to it. Looked into a new filter and everyone local wants around $200 for one. Found it on line for $118 delivered.

Got back ot it today. Drug the MIG welder out, wire brushed it off and welded it back in place. Put the air filter back on (still in good shape) and will order a new one.

Spent a good amount of time scraping crap (grease and road grime) off of the front suspension. Power washer to follw ot up. Now I can see what the pieces actually look like and can see all the greas zerts.

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Mike not sure which filter you use but mine is also very expensive. CAT 3126. It is a canister type filter. Anyway Napa has a huge filter sale in the spring and fall. During this sale my filter is around $60.00 instead of nearly $200.00. You have to watch for it because NAPA will not advertise it.


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Mike you are very busy man. I think you missed your calling.But I did the same thing once I got mine home. I was under it looking and checking things out. but the good part was, nothing major, just a little cleaning.BTW I went and took the ice make out, seems and looks OK, so I primed it and now waying it to freeze to see if it will recycle it self.
Hi, I didn't know where else to post this since I keep getting a "Bad Request" error when I try to start a new thread.... but why can't I change my profile? I'm logged in but am unable to make any changes. We don't have the Zinger anymore. I can neither change or remove my old sigfile.


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So, plans have changed a bit.

Was planning on finishing up all the little things finished up and doing the roof before we moved in....but plans change.

Have had a sore shoulder for almost a year. "Pulled" it while coaching and bowling with a high school team. Didn't think much of it at the time. Gets sore off and on depending on what I do. Well, the air filter removal and replacement this past weekend pushed it over the edge.

Was really sore on Monday so I called and got into an Orthopedic group on Tuesday. Well and exam, x-ray and contrast MRI later (all the same day)and I have a damaged Labrum (like an o-ring between the shoulder blade and the ball on the humerus). Repair requires Arthroscopic surgery with either trim and clean or sew it up. 6 weeks or 6 months of rehab. Really sucks, since I am 52 and in great health, and did this one to myself. Never a broken bone, never had surgery, no pains, no meds. Surgery scheduled for September 30th. Get it done and get it over with. On the bright side, I have over 3 months of sick-leave built up, although I will only need 2 or 3 days.

Well, I got on the roof and caulked and Eternabond taped any spot the looked even suspicious. AC is fixed (motor starter capacitor) and all vents and covers are winter ready. Furnace is operational. We are going to do a few more things and then move into it. Will do the roof in the spring and do little things over the winter.

Guess I will take a break for a while.



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Mike - Sorry to hear about the bunged up shoulder. Good luck and our prayers are with you for the surgery. Besides, you needed a little break over the winter anyways. Best wishes and keep us posted on your recovery.:):)


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Mike two years ago I had a Slap-3 tear of the labrum and rotator cuff repair. Doc was able to the labrum arthoscopically but the rotator cuff she had to slice on me. Both surgeries done the same day and in therapy 2 days after completion. All I can say is go to therapy as often as your insurance allows. Have full range of motion in the shoulder and could not be happier.

I hope you have as much success with it as I did.

Best wishes Mike.

Hey, maybe you could use some of that "down time" to travel to TN for the M&G!! Just a thought...

We will have you in our prayers for a super recovery. :)


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Would love to take time and travel, but we are SWAMPED at work. I will be back at work, arm in sling, a few days after sugery.

Right now I have full use and full range of motion. No rotator cuff issues. Just gets sore, depending on what I do. The more I do, the more it hurts. Quit doing stuff and it is fine. Hoping for just a clean and smooth job. That is the best case senario.

As I said, it just sucks!