Outside Seal

I bought an older 5th Wheel few months ago and with the weather warming, I want to caulk or reseal the seems. Few questions please: 1. Should I remove the older sealant completely and reseal? 2. What type of sealant? 3. What is the best way to remove the sealant that is already on the 5th wheel.

FYI: Great responses from everyone in my past questions and hopefully one day be able to help others out in time of need!


Steve H

Senior Member
RE: Outside Seal

If it were me, I would remove all the bad/loose caulking, clean it good, and apply a new bead of Dicor. I don't think I would try to remove everything that is already there, just the bad stuff!Use the self-leveing for the roof vents etc. and the regular stuff for the sides of your RV. I did half of our 5th wheel last summer and it worked quite well. I would also avoid using a silicone product.

Best of luck!