Outter Banks NC

Hello.... does anyone know a good CG in the Outter Banks? Looking for a kid friendly place with room for bike riding, close to a beach, a pool, ect.

Outter Banks NC


Hi...Did you ever find that good CG in the OUtter Banks? I'm looking for all kinds of information like this being a "newbie".

Thanks :)
Outter Banks NC

I thought the Outer Banks were a ways offshore. Thought it was the edge of the continental shelf. I'd sure like to find out if I'm wrong. ????? Plenty of swimming there... :clown:

Outter Banks NC

I have been camping in the outer banks before. There are two campgrounds that I know of in Rodanthe (sp)Cape Hatteras. There is a KOA and one other right next door to the KOA. Cant't remember the name though. It is right on the ocean, the whole are is less than a mile wide. It was beautiful. Very windy though. Yes you can camp on the Outer Banks, you can swim, fish in the ocean, surf, the waves are huge!!!! Check out the KOA website www.KOA.com. Enjoy!!!!