Oven Problem

[Keith] Have a 2000 5ver with a Suburban stove. The oven doesn&#039t work, light the pilot and turn up the temp selector, the pilot flame gets bigger but burner in the oven doesn&#039t come on. Any suggestions as to whats wrong? Keith
Oven Problem

[jmerritt] Keith,

I had the same problem with my oven and it turned out to be the oven control. You will have to remove the control from the stove and replace with a new one. Since yours is a 2000 might still be under warranty. If warranty covers parts only, the job isn&#039t that bad, took about an hour and it can be done leaving the oven in the 5ver. You will need to be careful when installing the new control that you don&#039t kink the thermostat sensor tube.

Oven Problem

[max] le probleme,n&#039est pas trop gros,il vous manque,une pieçe,dans votre bruleur.c&#039est un petit diffuseur,qui controle la sortie du gaz au pilote.sans cette pièce,ou si elle est instaler incorectement,le gaz,passe free au pilote,quand on met le bouton du fourneau a une certaine temperature
faite verifier votre bruleur,par un bon technicien
bonne chance.