Overheating problems...

Hi all. I am new to your forums and have a few questions concerning My 1996 Safari motorhome. It has the 3226 Cat 300 in it. It seems that when it warm out, it wants to run very warm. (220-225). I have replaced all coolant, washed engine area, and so on. It still wants to run hot! When its cold out, it will stay 180* at 70mph all day. This is my first motorhome and am kinda stumped on the problem. Has anybodyelse had these problems with this particular motorhome? Thanks, great site!!
Overheating problems...

Have you checked the radiator? On the other hand check with OEM this may be the normal range for this engine. Also check with a gage your indicator may be wrong.
Overheating problems...

Hello, I got a 1995 GeorgieBoy with a 230 cummins DP I bought in ohio I live in NJ. On the trip home it ran on the warm side. So when I got back talked to some o[people and they told me to take engine degreaser (foam kind) warm up my coach and spray the bottom of the radiator (3) full cans). Then take a water hose and flush it all from the outside and the inside. You would be suprized at the stuff that came out of there!!! I pulled old small pieces of tire cords dirt and guck, well you get the picture. All the stuff in the road goes up through the radiator from the air under the coach. colled my coach by 75 to 100 degrees cooler. I do it every spring when I take it out of storage.Almost forot reach up inside the radiator shroud on the bottom of the radiator find all kinds of stuff in there.Hope this helps, Rich B.