P 30 Chevy steering play

My 92 chevy class A seems to have a lot of play in the steering. I had it inspected during state inspection and allignment, installed ne gas shocks and was told everything checks out ok for passing inspection however, I feel that there is just too much, about a half turn of the steering wheel to feel any effect in steering. On windy days or when trucks pass me by, it's a lot of work keeping on the road. Now, my question. I was told that installing the new "super steer bell cranks" as advertised in the camping world master catalog pg 182)with negative play will illiminate this. Befor I go in to another expense, I would appreciate any feed back and/or suggestions regarding this. Thanks, you can e-mail me direct.
P 30 Chevy steering play

let me know how it works if you put it in.....i also have a p-30....new shocks and steering damper....wouldn't mind an aftermarket product to make it steer like a corvette....would settle for less....LOL....so, let me know....thanks...gonsailin@aol.com.....there's also something out there called steer safe..about 400 bucks....supposed to help with control....haven't talked to anyone who has that either.....i'm interested
P 30 Chevy steering play

Greetings Tony,

First off I'd find out where the play actually is in the steering. I'd have someone turn the steering wheel with the engine off while you were under the front-end looking for steering component movement like tie rod ends and worse case senerio nothing moves except the steering wheel which means the steering gear box has gone south. I've seen that happen and adjustment is pretty much mute except for the return to center spring back adjustment. In most cases though a rebuilt unit can be had for about $140 to $170 which will make your unit steer with minimum movement of the wheel to tire movement. Reason I mention the steering gear box is because I've been there and done that one recently and the improvement was nothing less than a new feel in the steering.