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Now carol ,, would he do that ,, and btw ,, why u think u are shamu??? on the beach ,, nothing matters ,, clothes etc ;) :cool: :cool: :cool: :approve: :approve: :approve:
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If you don't take everything with you and travel light it will give you plenty of time to set and watch football while your wife is out shopping for all the stuff you left behind. :approve:


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Go take a couple of trip by air and you will learn how to pack light.
The cost per bag is going up every time you fly.
$25-50 per bag, some even for the 1st bag.

Wife and I can fly for a week visit and we both only take 1 carry-on bag.
And no waiting at the baggage carosel.

Great way to learn to pack light!
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weigh your rig, wet
water, gas, lpg etc etc
find the overall weight limits of the rig
pack what ever you want to take first, weigh it and load it ;)
tell her how much weight shehas to play with, and to way EVERYTHING she wants to put on board
remind her, that if you get pulled for being overweight it's HER problem {fines etc}
and let her get on with it

happy days :laugh:

it works for my pops