Painting an RV


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I need to find someone that can take off the old decals and repaint new striping on my RV only. I would really like to have it look more like the newer RV's paint jobs. I'm traveling across the southern US, through Texas and north from there. We are located in Florida for the next few weeks. What about getting the job done in Mexico?
Painting an RV

If nobody gives a recommendation, do an internet search. I believe that there is a convertor in the Lakeland,FL area that can do the job. There are plenty out there. Just need one with a good rep and a fair price :cool:
Painting an RV

Be prepared to PAY DEARLY to have those decals and stickers removed. It's a huge pain and time consuming as well. I got mine off myself with a propane torch. Best of luck and happy holidays:)
Painting an RV

The wife and I bought an older motor home ( 1979 Foretravel) and we were trying to decide whar scheme and how we were going to repaint it so it would appear a little newer. The existing paint job was in good condition. After some thought, the painting to look newer would be like me dying my hair to look a little younger but I'd still have the wrinkles. So decided we didn't really care about looking newer what we had had character. All we are going to do in the spring is to replace the stripping and do a good wax job.

From my experience, when I was partnered in a paint and body shop, to repaint and use newer stripping on a 35-40 foot motor home, depending on what specification pait and color scheme was used, we billed on an average of 2,900 to 5,500 dollars.

As to the painting in Mexico, they doo good work but you have to be very attentative as they like a lot of other shops take any short cuts they can. If you go this route you want to make sure they use a name brand paind and with any shop the uses mixed paint make sure you have them mix a couple quarts extra for you to keep in case you have a need to touch up.

So much for my two bits.