painting galvanized steel


I have a question that's not really RV related but I have noticed a wealth of experience on this site in the year or so I've been a member so here it is. I have to paint the inside of a galvanized cooler here at the brewery and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with painting galvanized steel, it has a lot of white flakey spots that I guess are oxidation of some sort, I'll have to clean these off but is there any special kind of primer or pain for galvanized steel?


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Re: painting galvanized steel

Is it painted now? You can wipe it down with vinegar to neutralize the galvanized finish.


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Re: painting galvanized steel

Well, I know that Chevrolet never figured out how to do it. I offer my old Astro Van's front deck below the windshield as proof of that inability to make paint stick to galvanized metal.

And much longer before that (somewhere around 1975) I remember the same problem with an old Ford Pinto station wagon.