Parallel Batteries

I have a single battery in my fifth wheel that is continually going down in storage very quickly because of a discharge from chips, boards, or something in the system. I do not have a battery disconnect switch.

Since the unit is only two months old, the dealer is going to install a battery disconnect switch Monday and give me a new battery (I understand that continous drain like this ruins one).

My question is, after this is done is it okay to buy another battery and hook it in parallel with the new one for more power to run my three slides? I know that batteries hooked parallel do not increase the voltage, but will any amperage problems cause troubles in my electrical system? I do not know if there is an amperage increase. Can some of you "pros" enlighten me?

2002 F-350 PSD dualie
2002 Kountry Star 35LKSA
Parallel Batteries


Thanks very much for the link. That is the best battery information that I have ever seen, and I will put it to use.



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Parallel Batteries

A couple of points which haven't been mentioned... It would be best if the 2 (or more) batteries in parallel are as identical as practical. The same make/model/size and age will maximize the life and efficiancy of your battery system, and when one battery 'gives out' you'll know its time to replace them all.